Tuesday, February 20, 2018

AI and ML for enhanced customer service

Oflate lot of customer service mostly online chats have been taken over by bots who uses AI, ML and NLP capabilities to enhance the interaction with customer.

Will they replace the need of human customer support representatives (CSR)? No way!


Bots will mostly be an add-on to the human CSR.

The majority of the areas that bots can contribute w.r.t customer service will be:

1) 24/7 availability reducing the need for humans to be 24/7 available

2) Handle initial interaction with the customer

3) Handle trivial simple interactions with the available knowledge base

4) Handover the interactions which are complex, new or just need human interaction to human CSR

5) Help the human customer representative in addressing the service request of customer

6) Sort the service requests into various categories as needed. For example, based on sentiment, urgency, category, etc.

7) Flag and follow up on specific service requests either with customer or human CSR

8) Retrospection of past service requests and solutions to derive the enhancements or changes to be done in the ecosystem of a company so as to improve its user experience and bottom line.

What other areas of customer service do you think AI/ML/NLP capabilities can help with?
Please comment and let me know...

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Bengaluru - Revised Master Plan 2031 - Submitting suggestions/objections

I have submitted my suggestions listed in my earlier blog post http://evergreen2060.blogspot.com/2017/11/bengaluru-draft-revised-master-plan.html to

Deadline to submit suggestions/objections on this Revised Master Plan 2031 by 23 Jan 2018.

You can submit your suggestions/objections to BDA by filling the form available @ http://www.bdabangalore.org/Suggestion%20Kannada_final%20_2_%20Final.pdf.
The completed form has to be handed over during office hours at
                            Room No.210, 
                            2nd Floor, 
                            BDA Commercial Complex, 
                            Bengaluru - 70 

Extra separate sheets can be attached if needed.